What is REmail 2.0

REmail 2.0 is the evolution of REmail, an Eclipse plugin aiming to integrate email communication in the development enviroment.
REmail 2.0 is designed to make your "programmer's life" easier!

What REmail can do

Explore the features REmail 2.0 can offer to you!


Software system developers have to communicate about the project they are building. Especially when they work in open source projects and they are spread all over the world, developers use emails to communicate.

Studies tell us that emails are, by far, the most used means of communication used during the development, opposed to instant messaging, commits, or code comments. Therefore, we can imagine that development mailing lists contain essential information concerning various entities of the source code, that unfortunately gets lost with time, since they are not easy to retrieve.

Show relevant emails

REmail 2.0 can automatically show you emails related to the class you are working on.

You can select any of the related emails and read its content!

The email will be shown in a nice format, to ease your reading.
The name of the class you where working on will be highlighted, as well as the email's headers and the "quoting levels".

emails flows as charts

With REmail 2.0 you can inspect the flow of emails relative to a class.

This can be important to see when there was "high discussion" about a topic. And maybe discover that some classes need to be changed.

Charts are interactive!

As many mailing list as you need

Your project needs to keep updating with many mailing list?

There's no problem, with REmail 2.0 you can had how many mailing-list you want for each project!

Rate emails

If you find an email useful, you can give it a rate, as you do with your favorites songs!

Having a rate on emails make easier to spot which email are relevant for your work, which are not!
An email has high rate, it's a must read!

Give emails a rate, your colleague will appreciate!

Send emails

You need to send and email to the mailing list, but you find boring to leave your IDE and go to your email client. Maybe, you have to do this multiple time to put some code in your email.

With REmail you don't have to, you can do it without leaving Eclipse.
You can even select any snippet of code (and how much you want) to include in you email. Or class names to include as keywords, to help better understanding of what you're talking about!

Keep yours emails updated

REmail 2.0 uses CouchDB to store your emails relative to you projects.

You can import old emails from an Mbox file or using MarkMail.
But you can also keep the database updated by automatically download newly arrived emails from the mailing lists you are following.